Bing vs Google Ads – Which to Pick


Most small business owners wonder whether pay-per-click advertising is right for their businesses and whether it will give them the much-needed results. In this form of advertising, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and visits your landing page.

AdWords and Bing Ads are the two main players in the market, and business owners are at times torn between them. If you have the resources needed, you can try both, but if not, then you must choose the most relevant for your business.

Here is information to guide you in making a choice.

Bing vs Google Ads – Which to Pick

Cost Per Click

Most people look at how much their business will be exposed when looking at Bing vs. Google ads, and this is why Google has repeatedly been used.

Bing being a relatively small search engine, your ads will be placed in better positions than they would in Google and you do not have to pay high for that. The cost per click, CPC, is lower in Bing compared to Google.

If you are budget conscious, a better position and a lower cost per click will appeal more to you, and this is where Bing comes in handy.

Even as you consider price, you need to consider click-through-rate, CTR, too. This is the likelihood of your ad being clicked on.

With the better positioning in Bing, CTR is slightly higher which makes Bing a favorite for a number of people.

Conversion Rates and Costs per Lead, CPL

A marketing campaign is only good if it brings results and this is why you need to compare the conversion rates of the two campaigns.

Google has shown to have a slightly higher conversion rate than Bing. This means most of the clicks end up being real customers to your business.

However, conversion rate differs based on seasonality, the industry you are in, and a number of other variables. The average CPL in Bing is 6 percent lower than in Google meaning you pay less for the same lead.

Considering this, Google might enhance conversion rates, but you still pay more for a lead which should not be the case when you have Bing.

Both ads campaigns have the potential of earning you good returns, but you need to consider what is important to your business and stick to it. This will help you choose the right ads partner.


The audience in these two platforms will determine the effectiveness of your ads. Bing is mostly used by middle-aged people with average household income while Google is mostly used by young people.

However, with the large traffic that Google gets, you can target an age group and get ideal customers from a large group.

The best service here will depend on your target audience. Who do you need for your products or services?

Is Google AdWords Better Than Bing Ads

Which Should You Pick for your Business?

Each type of ads has strengths and weaknesses, so it might be tough to get a winner on

Bing vs. Google ads. Google has the numbers, but Bing has effectiveness.

Bing is relatively cheap, but your ad is exposed to a relatively low number of people.

You must consider these alongside CTR and CPC, positioning, and traffic when you are choosing the right platform. If you can afford it, you can also try both ads services.

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