Marketing funnels


So you are stuck at your computer writing the subject line of the best email in history. And you realize you have absolutely no time left to write the content. Having an amazing subject line means nothing right now. There is no content, the „meat“ of your email.

We can describe this as poor planning, and if your overall marketing strategy hangs on good emails, then your whole business is probably a bust. You have to be aware of the fact that your potential buyers need to be ready to buy your product and that you cannot send emails which describe your product in detail to a person who does not have the inclination to buy yet.

That is where a marketing funnel, this clever tool, comes in.

What is a marketing funnel?

marketing-funnelThe best way to explain a marketing tunnel is to imagine a path a buyer has to take, from the birth of an idea that the buyer needs a product to the final goal: a sale. The main reason this path is represented through a funnel is the fact that the buyer will increase his interest in the product with every stage of the funnel. If his interest decreases, he is exiting the funnel the way he came in. Many potential buyers enter the funnel, but only the ones who show the most interest stay long enough to exit on the narrower side, which represents a completed sale.

Let us put it this way. Your website has 10.000 visits. 50 people out of these 10 thousand visitors buy something. And out of these 50, only ten decide to leave feedback, a few nice words about your business. The key is to increase the number of people entering the funnel and decrease the percentage of those who decide to back out and exit.

Marketing funnel stages

Marketing experts usually name five stages in a marketing funnel. These are awareness, considerations, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. In the awareness stage, potential buyers are still strangers. They do not know your brand, your company, your mission. At this stage, your job is to present yourself as a leader and to build a relationship of trust with your buyers. It is only the initial stage where abstract messages mean more than specific product related information. So do not burden your potential customers with detailed content. Try to demonstrate value.

No. 2 step is a consideration. Here the potential buyers become interested and consider a purchase. He is willing to learn more and „dive“ in the funnel. Next up is conversion. This step is when the crucial moment happens, the decision to buy. Once the potential customer knows the value of what you have to offer, he is ready to become a buyer. At this stage of the funnel, you can go into specific details of your products. Step 4, loyalty, means a buyer returns for more, choosing your company over others based on positive experience. Finally, advocacy is a form of free marketing. It is when your buyers recommend your products to other potential buyers.

Why should you invest in silver bullion?


The world of business and finance is a global playground. Everything is interconnected, intertwined and mixed in a worldwide network. Money travels from one side of the Earth to another in a matter of seconds. However, this kind of systemic dependence on a global infrastructure makes the system sensitive to economic crashes. That is the time investors like to turn to tangibility rather than a promise of value.

When we decide to put our life savings into the hands of a broker, we knowingly accept the fact that the money we made with our own two hands might disappear. Of course, economic history shows us that the chances of this are not that great, but still. A certain risk is there. We like to think that the most prudent investors are the ones who invest into tangibility, into things with intrinsic value. Such a thing is silver, for example.

Silver is money

While paper or digital money relies on a promise given by the printer or creator of the money that the currency will hold value, silver is not created out of thin air. Physical silver is a material you can work with and create and add more value to it. It cannot default. There is no counterparty risk. And in the long term, you can use it just like you can use the money!

Silver is tangible

silverAs we mentioned earlier, our world is an oasis of profits, trading, promises, currencies, and they all change hands via a computer. It is all out there in the digital world. But when this oasis runs dry, who can you turn to? The silver coin you have in your pocket. This coin will always be a valuable currency, especially in times of crisis.

It is cheaper than gold

It costs a fraction of the price of gold, only 1/70th. But it protects you against crisis just as well as gold does. It is more affordable to an average investor, but it is still a precious metal. Since it is much cheaper than gold, it can be easier to sell, so you can think about setting up a silver selling website. For that, you can get excellent tips from Clickfunnel and learn about how to create a sales funnel.

Why should you invest in gold bullion?


Everyone who managed to save up a little cash asked the question: where to invest? Where to put my money and to be safe that it will not depreciate? Where to safely stash your life savings knowing that you might even make a little bit of money out of it? Investors are trying to work out the answer to this question, and they offer hundreds of possible scenarios. Only one has stuck with us for the past few thousand years…

Ever since man developed the skill to work with metals, gold was one of the prizes of the trade. It quickly became coveted not only in the metalworking business but all of the ancient civilizations in general. Gold was a standard, it defined the value of things, later of money, basically, everything can be valued through gold. We are here to show you that investing in gold bullions is a prudent decision. Keep reading to find out why.

Before we come to that, maybe setting up your own business is a good investment method. Combine it with gold, and there you have it… You can create a gold selling platform, and there is a handy tool to achieve this. It’s called Click funnel, and it allows you to set up sale funnel websites, completely on your own.

Gold has always been money

gold moneyEven better! Did you know that the value of every single currency depreciated relative to gold in the past 100 years? Gold is a long term store of value and has been for the last 3.000 years. The price of gold may go up and down, but it has intrinsic value that makes it timeless. Paper currency is bound to lose value due to inflation. But physical gold will always be one of the best methods of long-term wealth preservation.


Paper money is as long lasting as the paper that makes it up. To put it like this: the paper will erode over time and so will the value of the currency because it is based on a promise of value from the government. But gold will not perish. It is impervious to the elements, it is tangible, and it cannot be burned, hacked, erased and it does not need maintenance.

Gold is private

When you have a lot of money on your bank account, everyone, including the government, wants to know about it. But when you store a lot of gold in your safe, who else can know about it unless you tell him? Gold is anonymous, and if you choose so, nobody can know you are a buyer.

Invest in gold bullion for a safer future


Paper money is… well, paper. When you think about it, our currencies depend on the promise of value. Our governments keep this promise afloat with a stable economy which is not struck by inflation. It is what we are usually told. However, inflation is always around, and people are becoming more and more uneasy about the global, interconnected economy where a seemingly small crisis on one end of the world can cause a major upset on the other end. There is a growing sentiment that another crisis followed by an economic decline is right around the corner. It is why people choose to invest in something tangible like gold.

There are several ways you can become an investor in gold. You can go for the simple, direct ownership, which means owning and storing your coins, jewelry or bullions. You can choose to trade gold just like any other commodity on the stock market through gold exchange-traded funds or opt for gold mutual funds which hold gold related stock portfolios.

Here we will tell you about a few reasons you should be an investor in gold and why is this kind of investment a practical solution for you. You can even consider building your own business on the internet, selling gold through sales funnels. Nowadays you have excellent tools like Clickfunnels to setup a webpage and maintain it on your own.

The advantages of investing in gold

Gold-InvestingGold has been the most precious metal ever since mankind developed metal working skills. It is the most desired metal with excellent properties. Gold is coveted because of its malleability, conductivity, longevity and many other properties.

Next, gold is usually thought of as an inflation-proof investment. It is not like most other products or commodities which lose value over time and are severely affected by inflation. Gold does not have a problem with losing value.

Finally, gold will never lose intrinsic value. History of metal smithing proved that gold has always been in high demand. Moreover, gold has the marvelous property that it becomes a universal currency in times of crisis. When hard times hit, especially when they hit very hard, gold will always be a way to get out of trouble.

Building your own sales funnel


The term funnel came into the business and marketing world unexpectedly. If you asked someone what a funnel is, you would get a description of a household object. In a short while, it has become a common term which we use to designate a series of steps set up to create possible buyer into actual buyers of products. Funnels create customers from prospects, so to say.

Setting up your own sales funnel may be a difficult task. The key is to understand and pinpoint what potential customers want and to lead to into the next step in the process. Once you have a clear vision of what your customer’s desires are, you are on the right track, and it gets easier and easier for your funnel to work.

Start at the end

It may sound funny, but this strategy works best. If you want to make things easier, just turn your funnel upside down and start building from the end.  When you think about it, it is obvious. Let’s see how this works.

marketingA typical sales funnel can be a deceiving diagram. The first thing you see when you look at one is always the top of the tunnel because it is the biggest thing out there and it is easiest to spot. However, this proves to be your first mistake. Your focus should be pointed to space at the point of the funnel, the final goal.

What is your business goal?

It is the question that needs to be answered even before you start setting up your own sales funnel. What is it that you want to achieve with marketing? Well, sales, of course. But you will not get away so easily. We need to be a little more specific than that. The time when we could set our goals in such wide brush strokes is gone. The broader your target is, it is less likely the shot will land on the target. Modern business demands that your goal is set, that it is as specific as it can be and that your sales funnel behaves accordingly.

Now that you see that you should look at funnels from the pointy side up, consider using click funnels and similar services which offer excellent tools for building sales funnels. They are easy to use, and you will not need services from IT experts to develop and maintain your sales funnel.

How to improve your business with Clickfunnels or Builderall?


We live in a time when the most precious thing is time and information. Having the right information at the right time became more valuable than golden bullion. The second most important thing is a commercial and everything depends on how you present yourself in the world. The thing that presents you the best is your website. That is the first contact that people will have to you and your business. How you will look like in the business world depends on the interface of your site. Therefore, it has to look professional and perfect.

Your website is your own commercial

There is no better commercial than your website. Everyone will come to visit you here, at least just to see what you have to tell. Your website interface will attract or reject them. The only problem is that a good site can be more than demanding. The entire team of people will have to be hired to maintain it. Does it always have to be like this? We have great news for you! Thanks to Ryan J. Reece these days are over. Wasting your time on your website maintenance is completely behind you, thanks to new generation of software Clickfunnels and Builderall as its alternative.

Clickfunnel how does it function?

Ray decided to create software based on one click, and he made it. He wanted to save your time and money by avoiding entire IT team of experts that you would need to hire for your website. He created a user friendly platform that can maintain on its own. The organization of the site is based on the same principle. Everything you want to change you can do it by click without contacting your web designer or any other IT expert. It is similar to any other social network such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for example. You have offered themes you can change it whenever you want without of expert help.

sign in page

This software is similar to children’s toy

This software is as simple as children’s toy, and it is made to help you stop wasting your time on website organization. You can even post anything that you want to show your customers and attract them in so many ways and at the same time save your time and the money, too. Whether you decide to try ClickFunnel or Builder all you won’t make a mistake.

Is a Builderall better than Clickfunnels?


You want to earn money and make a profit? You spent thousands of hours in vain, and you still haven’t found the real solution. You are tired of planning and trying to make the perfect money funnel for your business. There is an old proverb:  “When it doesn’t work, try something else.” Internet business is completely different than the investment in a real word. What is gold bullion on the market it is time on the internet? If you want to succeed you need to save it as much as possible.

Forget about old websites and stay focused on your business?

Forget about your old website and kiss it goodbye and 14-day trial version of click funnel.  Use this website to build every type of marketing needed to make your business grow. Millions of entrepreneurs have tried it and now used it for more than ten years. The concept of sales funnels is becoming more and more popular only because you can see the progress in less than a month.

What makes click funnels so different?

This software is a machine created to understand your thoughts and the way you think without any possibility of misunderstanding. Imagine that you have everything under control and you do not have to waste your time on arguing with your web designer whether your desire is possible or not. Whether you decide to go for click funnels or Buildrall software you need to know that both of them are time-saving applications.

builderall compWe live in the competitive world, and the most important is to learn how to save the most valuable thing, time. If you want to attract customers, you need to make an attractive web site. For a good site, it takes time. So what is the catch? Believe or not, there is a great tool to avoid a time-consuming work to create the perfect site. If you make a decision to go for Builderall, you will be amazed how many benefits you can gain from it and how easily you can renew and edit your website. With Builderall you will avoid time-consuming work to improve your web, and still, you will have an outstanding and professional interface.

Which one is better – click funnel or Buildrall, it is hard to tell. Whichever you decide to use, you need to know that the principle is the same and both of them are a real life saver. Our advice is to go for the 14-day trial period and see which one is the most appropriate for your business. The site interface will decide.

Comparing to other sites, these do not require any technical knowledge or IT team to update the software. You can do all by yourself only with one click like a pro with such ease. This way you will be completely able to focus on your business and sale. You will be able to update your customer easily by porting everything on your website.

Build Smart Funnels in the shortest period


You want money, and you want it fast? How to do it? It is simpler than you think –  you just need to follow the steps that we are going to show you. First of all abandon your website now and go for click funnels. Stop wasting your time on wrong investments. Use things that are not going to lose its value. Take gold bullion, for example, it has been stable for centuries, and it will be in the future. When it comes to internet and internet sales, you need to know that the time behaves like gold. It is the most valuable thing on the market, and you need to learn how to save it and make your funnel that will help you to receive money in the fastest possible way.

What is a clickfunnel website?

Ray the founder of this type of site and the creator of this idea decided to find the way to save your time and let you stay focused on your business and avoid paying the entire IT team behind it. He managed to create the system that will update itself, the system that will allow you to be an admin and the brain of the entire organization and interface. That is the main purpose of this type of site to allow you do everything by one click and save you a lot of time.


How can this affect your business?

The answer is pretty much simple you will be able to stay focused on the business and the main purpose of your web site. You won’t waste the time of negotiating with your web designer about the color of the main page; you will simply choose the color from the option. Like Bill Gates said once: The simple is better. Make it simple and stay focused on real and more important things related to your business and your profit. You will be able to bring to life your ideas directly from your brain without any mediator. Therefore, keep your “gold .“

How to use click funnels?


How many times you’ve wanted to start your sales online and to make a profit? How many times you’ve ended up with zero profit and a lot of wasted time? The thing is that the system was created to give you the opportunity to earn money but also to pay a lot of money for website maintenance. It is not a site you need to pay and your domain; you need to pay the entire team that will be doing the maintenance work. If you respect all the rules and pay everyone what they deserve, you won’t earn a thing.

Is the website like en expansive car?

It is the main reason why the founder of our site decided to fight for its customer and decided to go for the more alternative solution. Whether you decide to use builder all or click funnels the principle is the same to buy a site and do your work sales not programing and not worrying about some updates and versions. You need a real thing that can manage things with just one click, something that you will be able to use in the simplest possible way. It is like buying an expensive car, you have a great thing but the maintenance is enormous, and you are spending a fortune to maintain it, instead of enjoying the ride. With the website, it is the same you need a tool, not a demanding toy.

How does click funnel function?

As you can guess from its name, here everything can be and will be done by just one click.  This type of website is like a toy. The good news is that this toy is not expensive just easy to handle. You can choose your type of your click funnels by one move. Every module is adapted for a specific part of the market. After you finish with this, you can continue bringing to life your ideas without any IT person. It is very practical because you cannot communicate with a web designer and waste your time on explaining to him what you exactly want to achieve.

Post videos all by yourself

shareThe main thing that distinguishes this type of site from others is the fact that it behaves as social networks. That means you can easily post anything you like, videos, links, photos and any content with absolutely minimum IT knowledge. This site is adapted to think like a human being not like a machine. Whatever you can imagine, it can perform.

Our advice is to go for a trail version, and you will know. After 15 days of using it, you will be sure if this is the right thing for you want to avoid it.

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