Building your own sales funnel


The term funnel came into the business and marketing world unexpectedly. If you asked someone what a funnel is, you would get a description of a household object. In a short while, it has become a common term which we use to designate a series of steps set up to create possible buyer into actual buyers of products. Funnels create customers from prospects, so to say.

Setting up your own sales funnel may be a difficult task. The key is to understand and pinpoint what potential customers want and to lead to into the next step in the process. Once you have a clear vision of what your customer’s desires are, you are on the right track, and it gets easier and easier for your funnel to work.

Start at the end

It may sound funny, but this strategy works best. If you want to make things easier, just turn your funnel upside down and start building from the end.  When you think about it, it is obvious. Let’s see how this works.

marketingA typical sales funnel can be a deceiving diagram. The first thing you see when you look at one is always the top of the tunnel because it is the biggest thing out there and it is easiest to spot. However, this proves to be your first mistake. Your focus should be pointed to space at the point of the funnel, the final goal.

What is your business goal?

It is the question that needs to be answered even before you start setting up your own sales funnel. What is it that you want to achieve with marketing? Well, sales, of course. But you will not get away so easily. We need to be a little more specific than that. The time when we could set our goals in such wide brush strokes is gone. The broader your target is, it is less likely the shot will land on the target. Modern business demands that your goal is set, that it is as specific as it can be and that your sales funnel behaves accordingly.

Now that you see that you should look at funnels from the pointy side up, consider using click funnels and similar services which offer excellent tools for building sales funnels. They are easy to use, and you will not need services from IT experts to develop and maintain your sales funnel.

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