The Importance of Facebook Ads Manager


In 2017, more than 91 percent of online marketers invested in Facebook marketing for their businesses.

This is simple to understand seeing that more than 1.18 billion people access Facebook each day and the number keeps going up.

Some businesses still engage in free Facebook marketing, which is slow and less effective. Paid advertising is targeted advertising, and this allows you to attract an audience interested in your products or services.

It is a strategy that leads to business gains if well understood and utilized. To help you understand it, let’s first look at the Facebook ads manager.

The Importance of Facebook Ads Manager

What Does the Facebook Ads Manager Do?

When you are on Facebook paid to advertise, you create ads that are posted to billions of people who have searched or have visited businesses related to yours. This means that they are likely to visit or be interested in your business.

With a Facebook ads manager, which can be accessed from the drop-down arrow on the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook page, you manage ads better.

The Facebook manager lets you set roles including admin, analyst, and marketer. This comes in handy if other people are helping you in the campaigns. If offers you a simple guide when you are creating ads to make the process flow.

The manager lets you review and also adjust your ads campaigns while giving your reports on the amount used, and audience reached among others.

Why Use Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook ads manager makes the work easier for you. It acts like a command center for your ads allowing you to foresee anything and everything that touches on your ads.

It allows you to set up objectives, choose an audience and your budget as well as develop your ads in an engaging and creative manner.

This ensures that you do not create boring ads or create interesting ads to the wrong audience. It is important to keep track of your progress to ensure you get value for your money.

From the reports generated, you can calculate how much each dollar is worth.

The ads manager allows you to target different groups of people. You can choose residents of a certain location, a specific age group and much more.

Generally, it helps you target people who will be interested in your business more. What’s more, it is accessible on mobile.

Facebook Ads Manager for Mobile

You can easily manage ads on your mobile device thanks to the manager app for Android and iOS. The Facebook ads manager is a portable command center for your ads.

It allows you to manage ads the easy way just like you would on a computer.

The mobile version shows you the number of active campaigns and allows you to track notifications from your ads.

This allows you to keep your audience more engaged by replying to their queries on time.

The mobile version also allows you to edit your ads.

Why Facebook Ads Manager if Important for your Business

Start Marketing on Facebook Today

With Facebook, you can leave ad campaigns that do not seem to work after a few days. Unlike other forms of advertising, you can choose to have your ads posted on a single day when you are testing the waters.

It is a strategy worth considering. However, like any other form of advertising, make sure you have a good ad text, photos and/or videos and a quality landing page.

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