Why should you invest in gold bullion?


Everyone who managed to save up a little cash asked the question: where to invest? Where to put my money and to be safe that it will not depreciate? Where to safely stash your life savings knowing that you might even make a little bit of money out of it? Investors are trying to work out the answer to this question, and they offer hundreds of possible scenarios. Only one has stuck with us for the past few thousand years…

Ever since man developed the skill to work with metals, gold was one of the prizes of the trade. It quickly became coveted not only in the metalworking business but all of the ancient civilizations in general. Gold was a standard, it defined the value of things, later of money, basically, everything can be valued through gold. We are here to show you that investing in gold bullions is a prudent decision. Keep reading to find out why.

Before we come to that, maybe setting up your own business is a good investment method. Combine it with gold, and there you have it… You can create a gold selling platform, and there is a handy tool to achieve this. It’s called Click funnel, and it allows you to set up sale funnel websites, completely on your own.

Gold has always been money

gold moneyEven better! Did you know that the value of every single currency depreciated relative to gold in the past 100 years? Gold is a long term store of value and has been for the last 3.000 years. The price of gold may go up and down, but it has intrinsic value that makes it timeless. Paper currency is bound to lose value due to inflation. But physical gold will always be one of the best methods of long-term wealth preservation.


Paper money is as long lasting as the paper that makes it up. To put it like this: the paper will erode over time and so will the value of the currency because it is based on a promise of value from the government. But gold will not perish. It is impervious to the elements, it is tangible, and it cannot be burned, hacked, erased and it does not need maintenance.

Gold is private

When you have a lot of money on your bank account, everyone, including the government, wants to know about it. But when you store a lot of gold in your safe, who else can know about it unless you tell him? Gold is anonymous, and if you choose so, nobody can know you are a buyer.

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