Why should you invest in silver bullion?


The world of business and finance is a global playground. Everything is interconnected, intertwined and mixed in a worldwide network. Money travels from one side of the Earth to another in a matter of seconds. However, this kind of systemic dependence on a global infrastructure makes the system sensitive to economic crashes. That is the time investors like to turn to tangibility rather than a promise of value.

When we decide to put our life savings into the hands of a broker, we knowingly accept the fact that the money we made with our own two hands might disappear. Of course, economic history shows us that the chances of this are not that great, but still. A certain risk is there. We like to think that the most prudent investors are the ones who invest into tangibility, into things with intrinsic value. Such a thing is silver, for example.

Silver is money

While paper or digital money relies on a promise given by the printer or creator of the money that the currency will hold value, silver is not created out of thin air. Physical silver is a material you can work with and create and add more value to it. It cannot default. There is no counterparty risk. And in the long term, you can use it just like you can use the money!

Silver is tangible

silverAs we mentioned earlier, our world is an oasis of profits, trading, promises, currencies, and they all change hands via a computer. It is all out there in the digital world. But when this oasis runs dry, who can you turn to? The silver coin you have in your pocket. This coin will always be a valuable currency, especially in times of crisis.

It is cheaper than gold

It costs a fraction of the price of gold, only 1/70th. But it protects you against crisis just as well as gold does. It is more affordable to an average investor, but it is still a precious metal. Since it is much cheaper than gold, it can be easier to sell, so you can think about setting up a silver selling website. For that, you can get excellent tips from Clickfunnel and learn about how to create a sales funnel.

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