What Is PPC Marketing, What Is Pay per Click Advertising?

What Is PPC Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business

PPC stands for pay per click, and it’s a form of online (or internet) marketing. So PPC marketing is a model used where the advertisers pay out each time an ad is clicked on.

The most prevalent form of PPC marketing or advertising is where ads are placed on search engines.

There’s a double benefit to this type of PPC marketing in that there are prime ads in essential spots on the search engine results pages and the keywords used are also factored in.

So the short answer for what is PPC marketing or what is pay per click advertising is it’s a way for you to customize content on your linked pages or website to be amongst the most viewed and clicked on once a search engine result has been rendered.

What Is PPC Marketing, What Is Pay per Click Advertising

How Can PPC Marketing Help Your Company?

Keep this in mind, PPC marketing is impressive when it’s working right for you. The money you pay for an ad click, let’s say $2, could pay off immensely if that click leads to a sale or utilization of services for example of $200.

But the key is to optimize your unique website content to make sure that when specific keywords are used, your content shows up amongst the top few links in the search engine results pages.

This is called search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) of the search engine results pages (SERP).

A sterling company which specializes in SERP, SEM, and SEO is the way to go to ensure your content is always fresh, relevant, and optimized to rank amongst the top of the search results consistently.

Another factor of PPC marketing is the most popular, and that is the use of the Google AdWords model. This is where a company can make ads which show up on the world’s most popular browser’s search engine and of course other media platforms within Google.

Google AdWords is also PPC, but the folks who use it make bids on the keywords they use in their unique content and then pay per click on any of the advertisements.

Pay Per Click Ads Pricing, How Much Is This?

Pay per click ads pricing varies. It can range from 30-80 cents per click or in the case of Google AdWords, somewhere around $1-$2 per click with the most expensive running closer to $50 per click.

But pay per click ads pricing is subjective as it depends on many different situations and also varies across various platforms and search engines. And since there’s also a bidding process to consider, that changes as well.

What Is PPC Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business

The Importance of Pay Per Click Management Companies

Pay per click management companies can help your business with the best PPC marketing campaigns and run the day-to-day (sometimes minute-to-minute) management of your company’s digital marketing campaign.

They will be responsible for PPC marketing such as SEM, management services, account management, bid management, marketing, advertising, and campaign management.

The companies also staff the best and brightest digital marketers who stay up with the latest technologies, techniques, trends and ever-changing nature of the internet and social media.