How To Set Up Your ClickFunnels Site


I get it– new programs can be intimidating!

That’s why I’ve created this short and sweet guide on the basics of setting up your ClickFunnels site.

ClickFunnels: The Basics

For this particular example, I’m going to use ClickFunnels’s sales funnel example presented by the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson himself. Brunson outlines the process in five steps: a lead magnet, core offer, order form, upsell, and thank you page.

On the dashboard of ClickFunnels, select the orange “Add New Funnel” button. Next, you will have the options of selecting among “Collect Emails,” “Sell Your Product,” and “Host Webinar.” In this particular circumstance, select “Sell Your Product.” You will now have the option to select among creating a “Sales Funnel,” “Product Launch,” or “Membership” goal type. Once again, it’s totally up to you, but for this example I chose “Sales Funnel.” Finally, you will be directed to a “Build Funnel” tab where you will be asked to name your funnel and select a group tag. Complete this, and let’s move on!

At this point, ClickFunnels will automatically create five pages for your offer—a squeeze page, a sales page, an order form page, an order confirmation page, and a thank you page. However, to align with the sales funnel as outlined by Russell Brunson, you can easily delete your order confirmation page. You can replace it with your upsell page by clicking “ADD NEW STEP,” selecting the upsell/OTO page, naming the step, and dragging and dropping the step into the fourth place on the chart.

For the layout of your pages, you can select a template or even create your page from scratch. For further instruction on editing your page(s), it’d be best to consult Russell Brunson’s video here.

In Conclusion

ClickFunnels is incredibly fresh, innovative, and easy to use– as you can probably tell from this simple article! The bottom line is, making things easier for your business will make your entire life easier.

Cheers to easy!

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